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Guide - Guild Statue for iPad


Guild Statue

1. Who can set up a statue?

The leader, deputy leaders and branch managers of a guild can all build their statues in the guild area.

2. How to set up a statue?
Firstly find NPC Guild Controller, Twin City (350.337) and buy a Statue Scroll at a price of 50000-silver from her. Talk with the NPC Guild Controller again and she`ll teleport you to the guild area. Go to the center of the guild square, stand in front of the dado for statue. Right click on the Statue Scroll, then Statue window will be pop out in the left side. According to the prompt select a pose that you like and click on the OK button. Now your statue appears before you.

3.When will the statue disappear?

If the statue is attacked, its durability will drop down. So long as the durability falls to zero, the statue will disappear.