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Mounted Combat System for iPad

Throughout time, the best friend of the warrior was always their horse - the strong, noble steeds that had borne them through many dangers, and always brought them home. Now, Conquer Online has made fighting on horseback available, so get your steed ready and charge onto battlefield with your best friend!

In order to learn how to fight on horseback, you’ll need the power of a brand new talisman, the Riding Crop. Once you’ve mastered this special item, you will be able to attack and cast skills from atop your trusty steed, and ride down your foes as they flee before you!

Besides, the Riding Crop has its own bonus level, which can be upgraded to improve its attributes. A better Riding Crop can bring you more advantages during your duels on horseback. For example, they can help reduce the chance of being knocked from your horse when other fighters use their riding skill “War Cry”.

You won’t be able to make sockets on the Riding Crop. Besides, your Riding Crop will also get worn down the more you use it.

Open your character and equipment interface, and you can find a special slot dedicated for this important talisman. Equip your Riding Crop and then you will be able to attack and cast skill on horseback!

The Riding Crop is easy to obtain, as you have chance to get it by slaying monsters in the wild. But for those who don’t like waiting, you can buy one directly from the Shopping Mall! Just remember that you are required to reach Level 30 before you can equip one!

After this recent update, the SP needed to use the riding skills will decrease from 100 to 30. Furthermore, when riding on your steed, you can press ALT + Left Mouse Button to charge or press CTRL + Left Mouse Button to jump.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to check out this exciting new experience in PvP!