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Mount Armor for iPad

A faithful Mount has always been one of a soldier's best friends. In Conquer Online, you can equip your mount with various types of armor after you join the Wrangler sub-class! Not only will it make dealing with animals easier, it's a surefire way to make them look even cooler!

Deer Mount Armor

Tiger Mount Armor

Mount Armor Types

Currently, dozens of different Mount Armor has been released for the Tiger and Deer mounts, and even more Mount Armor will be released in the future!

Tiger Mount Armor

Inferno Tiger

Sapphire Tiger

Soul Tiger

Icy Tiger

Gale Tiger

Topaz Tiger

Phantom Tiger

Flame Tiger

Purple Tiger

Scarlet Tiger

Sigil Tiger

Blaze Tiger

Chaos Tiger

Furious Tiger

Runed Tiger

Cloud Tiger

Golden Tiger

Emerald Tiger

Deer Mount Armor

Ruby Deer

Amber Deer

Sapphire Deer

Frosty Deer

Fantasy Deer

Dawn Deer

Nebula Deer

Emerald Deer

Flame Deer

Scarlet Deer

Jade Deer

Pink Deer

Joy Deer

Icy Deer

Snowy Deer

Blaze Deer

Cloud Deer

Jade Hare(only could be gained from Shopping Rush)

Equip your Mount with Armor

Only the Wranglers have the skills needed to equip their mounts with Mount Armor. So, if you want to upgrade the look of your mount, you'll need to join up with the Wranglers!

Some Mount Armor requires a certain Wrangler level to equip.

Wrangler Level

Available Mount Armors

Lv 1

Inferno Tiger, Sapphire Tiger, Soul Tiger, Icy Tiger, Gale Tiger, Topaz Tiger, Phantom Deer, Flame Tiger, Ruby Deer, Amber Deer, Sapphire Deer, Frosty Deer, Fantasy Deer, Dawn Deer, Nebula Deer

Lv 2

Emerald Deer, Flame Deer

Lv 3

Purple Tiger, Scarlet Tiger

Lv 4

Scarlet Deer, Jade Deer

Lv 5

Sigil Tiger, Blaze Tiger


Chaos Tiger, Pink Deer, Joy Deer


Furious Tiger, Icy Deer


Runed Tiger, Cloud Tiger, Snowy Deer, Blaze Deer


Golden Tiger, Cloud Deer

Period of Effectiveness

There are 7-day and permanent Mount Armor available.

At Wrangler level 1, you will be able to equip your mount with the 7-day Mount Armor. Upgrade your Wrangler level, and you will be able to equip your mount with the permanent Mount Armor!

Obtain the Mount Armor

You have chance to get a set of Mount Armor after you defeat the Terato Dragon or the Snow Banshee.

If you are not strong enough to challenge these two powerful monsters, you can also purchase the Mount Armor from the Honor Store and Horse Racing Store.

Apart from equipping Mount Armor, Wranglers can get bonus HP at different levels. The top Wrangler will receive a maximum of 900 bonus HP! The Mount Armors can also be blessed.

Now, do you think you're tough enough to be part of the Wranglers?

Let's see what you've got!