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How to Create a Character for iPad

1. Login to a Server: Assuming you have the game up and running, you should be presented with a login screen that looks like this:

a. To the left are the server groups, with the list of pictures on the right being the servers. Each server can contain one character, per account. Select one you like!

b. Enter the account name in the space provided.

c. Enter your password in the space provided.

d. Click the "Enter" button to login.

You will be brought to the character creation screen, where the game really begins! If there is an error during login, please check you have correctly completed the steps above, and try again. If this doesn't solve the problem, try our troubleshooting FAQ or the support forums.

2. Select Class & Gender: Choose to be a Trojan, a Warrior, an Archer, a Ninja, a Taoist or a Monk/Saint. Fire Taoists and Water Taoists are paths you can take later in the game, but are both simply Taoists in the beginning.

Male characters are on the left and female characters on the right. Click on a character to preview this character’s actions in the center, and read the brief introduction of this class. If you are satisfied, click “Okay” to continue.

3. Appearance & Name: Select your appearance from the two choices given. Every gender of every class has two different appearances. While these different appearances weigh up the same in combat, they add a personal style to the game. Type your character name in the blank field provided in the center of the window. No offensive names are allowed. See the question on naming characters in the official game guide FAQ, for details.
When you are satisfied with your choice of appearance and character name, click "Okay" to proceed. Sometimes you will have to try a few, as your character name may already be taken. Otherwise, your character creation should be successful!

4.Re-login to the Game: After you have successfully created your character, you will find yourself in Birth Village. That’s all there is to it! Good luck on your new adventure!