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Guide - Advantages Of Battle Power for iPad


How to Calculate Advantages Of Battle Power

What are the advantages of Battle Power? What changes will be made in the game? Well this is a good time to learn the details of Battle Power.

The Advantages of Battle Power:

1. More Experience: Battle Power increases the experience you gain when killing monsters. Experience is awarded according to the amount of damage done. A higher Battle Power means more damage dealt out, and therefore, more experience received.

Note: Some items add a percentage of bonus experience. If you possess more than one such item, the percentages are not multiplied together. They are added on afterwards one at a time. For example, if you have a +300% Exp item and a +200% Exp item, you get a total of 500% Exp (300+200=500).

2. Conquer Invincible Monsters: Some monsters are impervious to damage done by those with lower Battle Power. They cannot be harmed unless your Battle Power is higher than theirs.

3. Damage Reduction: The ultimate function of Battle Power is with damage reduction. When you are attacked by a player with a lower Battle Power than you, the damage you take would be reduced. Conversely, when your Battle Power is higher than your rival's, your damage done is increased.