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Treasure Basin

Date: Aug 13 2013 01:38:14 Source: Official Views: Share

Duration: Aug. 15th - Aug. 30th

NPC: Taoist Fu (Twin City, 422, 361)

From Aug. 15th - Aug. 30th , you will find a special jar in your Inventory. You can either pay 30 CPs or use a Soaring Star Gem (B) to summon a monster that you can kill for a reward. If you’re feeling really brave, you can pay 280 CPs (20 CPs less than summon one monster at a time) to summon all 10 monsters at once!

Where does the Soaring Star Gem(B) come from? No one knows! All that we know is that you can go out hunting for it by manhandling the bosses at your level. For the 2nd reborn, you'll have a chance to get a Soaring Star Gem(B) by hunting the mobs in the Frozen Grotto. And if you don't like hunting much, you can also obtain this gem through the Sparkling Summer with Conquer event !

Even though the gem is Bound, the rewards you get won't be! Let’s check them out!

CP Pack(27600) Aurora Demon Box Chi Point Pack (10,000) Study Point Pack
CP Pack(10000) Big Permanent Stone Chi Point Pack (5,000) Hero EXP Pack
Somersault Cloud Pack +6 Random Steed Pack Chi Point Pack (2,000) Dragon Pill
Wedding Emcee Invitation +6 Stone Power EXP Ball +1 Stone
Endurance Book Pack(5) Meteor Scroll 40 Point Chi Pack Exp Ball
Dragon Ball Small Lottery Ticket x2 Celestial Stone Class 5 Money Bag
+4 Stone Praying Stone(L) Super Phoenix Gem Super Rainbow Gem
Permanent Stone Star Drill Super Dragon Gem +3 Stone
Super Tortoise Gem Tough Drill Sacred Demon Box Vital Pill
Exemption Token      

Note: If you lose the jar, you can find Taoist Fu to get a new one.

What's more, there's a ranking for all participants! Only the top 8 in all server will be eligible to win prizes, and the only way to qualify for the ranking is to use the jar more than 300 times!

The prizes are as follows:

Rank Prize
1 -1 Somersault Cloud + 27,600 CPs
2 10,000 CPs
3 5,000 CPs
4-8 2,000 CPs

In addition, if you're ranked at the top in your server, you'll be rewarded with a 90-day -1 Somersault Cloud (B)!