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Nezha's Feud

A dragonball


2nd Reborn level 137+ characters. No level restrictions on reincarnated players. Each character has only one chance to complete this quest.


Name Location
TC Warder Twin City (304,295)
DC Captain Desert City (476,631)
Nezha Desert City (507,722)
Dragon King Desert City (494,698)
Taiyi Zhenren Dreamland (520,526)

Key Items

Images Name Descriptions
Birthday Gift A birthday gift for the third son of the DC Captain, Nezha. The TC Captain asked you to take it to the DC Captain.
Red Armillary Sash One of Nezha's talismans. Use it to stir the seas and summon the Dragon King.
Dragon Tendon Nezha took it from the body of Ao Bing, and asked you to take it to the DC Captain.
Nezha's Soul Nezha's Soul. Hurry and deliver it to Taiyi Zhenren in the Dreamland.
Lotus A Lotus used to construct the container for Nezha's Soul.
Lotus Soul Constructed to hold Nezha's Soul, you must place it next to Nezha's body to bring him back to life.


Nezha, son of the DC Captain, was an extraordinary boy who was well known for his kindness and bravery. The TC Warder likes Nezha very much, and as Nezha's birthday is coming, he prepared a nice birthday gift for him and asks you to take it to Nezha's father, the DC Captain. He will make sure it gets to Nezha.

When you meet the DC Captain, you find he has a completely different view towards his son. He told you that his naughty son Nezha was playing near the sea, and asks you to call him back.

You find Nezha near the sea, and just like people said, the boy is extraordinary! Nezha tells you that the clouds and rain over Desert City is controlled by the Dragon King in the Sea, who refuses to bring rains and cause a nasty drought in the city. To make matters worse, his follows, the Yaksa, often steal children from the village. But the Dragon King turns a blind eye to their evil deeds! Because of this, Nezha asks you to use his Red Armillary Sash to stir the seas and call out the Dragon King. He has a few words for the Dragon King, and he won't leave until they've been heard!

The Dragon King ignores Nezha and sends 3 Yaksas to frighten him away. You should kill the Yaksa and protect the brave boy!

After the Yaksa are disposed of, a small dragon flies out of the water and flies straight for Nezha! Kill it, quickly!

Nezha finds that the dragon you just kill is the son of the Dragon King! He cut off the Dragon Tendon from the small dragon and asked you to bring it to his father, the DC Captain, and ask him what to do.

The DC Captain listens to the story and knows that his son is in great danger, but he still wants to save his son. He asks you to speak with the Dragon King, and plead for mercy for the boy.

The Dragon King goes mad with fury and threatens to flood all of Desert City, if the DC Captain doesn't hand over his son, Nezha! Speak with the DC Captain again, and tell him the demands of the Dragon King.

The DC Captain is very sad to hear this news. He knows he must sacrifice his son, in order to save the whole city. He asks you to return to Nezha and to bring him back to his father.

Nezha already guessed what has happened. When you head back to the beach, you find that Nezha has already taken his own life, so that the city could be saved. The Dragon King sees Nezha's body, and with a satisfied smile, he returns to the ocean depths. You need to save Nezha, but how? You need to take Nezha's Soul to Taiyi Zhenren, who lives in the Dreamland.

Taiyi Zhenren listens to your tale, and nods slowly. He tells you that since you brought the boy's soul, he can attempt to revive Nezha. He requires you to pick 5 Lotuses in Bird Island for him, so he can construct a vessel to transfer Nezha's Soul.

Taiyi Zhenren takes the Lotuses you picked and begins the process to refine the Lotus Soul, where Nezha`s Soul can be stored and transferred back to his body. You need to put it next to Nezha's body, on the seaside near Desert City.

It worked! You successfully revived Nezha! As he wakes up, he tells you of his decision to root out the Dragon King and slay him, to save the Desert City and to end the feud that is sure to continue. You must assist Nezha in killing the evil Dragon King. You'll need all your strength, if you hope to kill such a powerful foe!

As the Dragon King's body sinks to the abyss, Nezha thanks you for all your help and offers you a Dragon Ball as a gift.

Congratulations! You've completed the quest!