Monk Elite PK Tour

To fix the problems caused by an overburdened server, we strongly recommend to the players who join this tournament observer the walkthrough, below:

1. After logging into the appointed PK server, players will be sent to the waiting area in the New Canyon. Contestants should refrain from leaving this area.

2. Locate the nearest Elite PK Envoy and you can choose a color for your armor from Tinter who is standing beside the Elite PK Envoy. Please wait for the tournament to begin, and ready yourself for battle!

3. When the time reaches 19:55 (Elite PK Server Time), please click ‘OK’ to get sent to the waiting area in New Desert, or you can talk to the nearest Elite PK Envoy to be sent there.

4. Time to fight!

1. DO NOT leave the waiting area in either the New Canyon or New Desert, or you might miss your chance to compete in the tournament.
2. DO NOT try to fight in the Arena, or you will not be able to return to the waiting area.
3. DO NOT use any client edits or illegal programs, or you will find your own account banned.
4. You can return to your own server after your match is over. You will be informed if you are to receive a prize.

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