Weekend Event Crystal Cave

Requirement: Level 80 and above

NPC: Linghu (Twin City 452 396)


HeroJoyPackHeroJoyPack A gift pack given by Linghu. Open it to receive a random gift from 1 Bomb, 1 EXPBall, 1 PrayingStone(S), 1 VitalityPill, 1 MeteorTearPack, 1 NinjaAmulet, 1 Garment(7-day), 1 WeaponAccessory(7-day), 1 MountArmor(7-day), 1 PenitenceAmulet, 1 SkillProficiencyPack(1), 1 HousePermit, 3 SmallLotteryTickets, 1 QuestChanceB.
In addition, you may also get 1 HeroHeart, 1 JoyHeart or 1 EmptyPack from HeroJoyPack. After combining the three items, you can receive one extra HeroJoyPack.

Quest Item

DimCrystal DimCrystal Received from the Crystal Cave. Collect 10 crystals for Linghu and he will reward you.


1. During the event, you can talk to Linghu (Twin City 452 396) to help him collect 10 Dim Crystals in the Crystal Cave.

2. After you accept his quest, Linghu will send you to the Crystal Cave. He will also give you a Teleport Amulet which you can use to get out of the Crystal Cave immediately when you collect 10 crystals or encounter danger.

3. In the Crystal Cave, you can start searching the Dim Crystals. They are scatted in the cave and some monsters may have also picked some up. You have to collect 10 crystals and give them to Linghu within 30 minutes.

4. After you collect 10 crystals, you can use the Teleport Amulet to get out and claim your reward from Linghu.

Crystal Cave

There are some magic traps buried in the Crystal Cave, which, once stepped on, will cause some accidents or give you some benefit, depending on your luck.
You can finish this quest 3 times a day, but you have to wait for 10 minutes before you can accept it again.
You have to hand in your crystals to Linghu within 30 minutes and he will take over all the Dim Crystals you carried, so don’t try to stack more than 10 crystals.

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