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Daily Quest - Treasure Hunting

Daily Quests
The Four Books Monster Wrangling Release the Souls
Save Matthew Treasure Hunting

Name Treasure Hunting
Rewards 50 Study Points, Exp worth 1 Exp Ball
Requirement At least 2nd Reborn - Level 120 or above
Time Limit Once Daily
Location Ape City
Key Items
Name: Antique
Description: It's held inside the Wealth Box. You can exchange 20 Antiques for a reward from Bass.
Key NPC Name: Bass
Location: Ape City (279,413)
Function: Quest NPC and awarder

Brief Walkthrough

  1. Visit Bass and you will learn that the Mausoleum is full of priceless Antiques.
  2. Select a proper Mausoleum for yourself, then find and open the Wealth Boxes to collect at least 20 Antiques.
  3. Claim a reward from Bass.

Detailed Walkthrough

Bass in Ape City has found some Mausoleums that are full of Antiques, but they are crawling with monsters and deadly traps. Therefore, he wants to hire someone to get the Antiques for him, and he will reward them handsomely! You are looking for a job, today?

It's dangerous to bring the antiques out of these Mausoleums. You'd better get more information from Bass first!

The higher the level of the Mausoleum, the more dangerous it is, but the higher the level of the Wealth Boxes and the more antiques in them! You should collect at least 20 Antiques, before returning to the surface. 

You can take the quest after you have prepared yourself for the trip. First of all, select a Mausoleum that's suitable for your strength! 

After you choose a Mausoleum, Bass will teleport you there.
Hurry and find as many antiques as you can, because you're only able to stay in the Mausoleum for a short time! 

You found a Wealth Box easily! Open it up and see what's inside! If this Wealth Box hasn't been opened by someone else before, you can get the Antique inside! After you collect 20 Antiques, you can leave here and claim your reward from Bass! 

You can claim your reward from Bass, after you hand in the antiques to him!  

But if you didn't collect 20 Antiques in time, Bass wouldn't pay you for your work… So try your best!


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