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[Unavailable] Daily Quest - Monster Wrangling

Daily Quests
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Name Monster Wrangling
Rewards 50 Study Points, Exp worth 1 Exp Ball
Requirement Level 100 or above
Time Limit Once daily
Location Bird Island
Key Items
Name: Hunting Rope
Description: Right click to use the rope, then click the monster to try and catch it!

Name: Monster Cage
Description: Catch monsters and put them in this cage, then return it to Tommy for a reward!
Key NPC Name: Tommy
Location: Bird Island (707,594)
Function: Quest NPC


Brief Walkthrough

  1. Players can accept this quest from Tommy in Bird Island (707,594), once a day.
  2. Claim a Hunting Rope from Tommy, and then go out into the field to catch 20 monsters.
  3. Remember, the Hunting Rope will become stiff and useless in 15 minutes. You can claim another one from Tommy if the Hunting Rope is broken. After you catch 20 monsters with the Hunting Rope and hand them in to Tommy, he will hand over your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Tommy in Bird Island (707,594) has a special hobby! He likes studying different types of monsters, and the fiercer the monster, the more interesting it is!
Would you like to join his research team? Then go talk to him!

Tommy needs someone to catch research subjects for him. He will pay you, if you can bring him what he needs!

Tommy has prepared a Hunting Rope for you. You need to right click to use the rope, then click the monster to try and catch it.

This Hunting Rope will become useless after 15 minutes, so if that happens you can go claim another one from Tommy.

Put the monsters you catch inside the Monster Cage. Remember, you'll need to catch 20 monsters before you can return!

Hand in the monsters you catch to Tommy and he will pay you! Don't you want to try? Good luck to you!

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