Weekend Event: Fury Serpent

Requirement: Level 80 and above

NPC: Officer Liu (Twin City 455, 362)

Reward: Exp & Weekend Passion Pack

Weekend Passion Pack Non-reborn player will receive one of following gifts: EXP Ball Scrap(B) x10, Praying Stone Scrap(B) x5, Meteor, 7-day Garment(B),7-day Weapon Accessory(B), Exp Potion(B), Super Weapon Bag, Celestial Stone(B), +1 Stone(B), and Small Lottery Ticket.
1st-reborn player will receive one of following gifts: EXP Ball(B), Praying Stone Scrap(B) x10, Meteor x2, 7-day Garment(B),7-day Weapon Accessory(B), Endurance Book(B), Triple Exp Potion(B), Super Armor Bag, +1 Stone(B) x2, and Small Lottery Ticket x2.
2nd-reborn player will receive one of following gifts: EXP Ball(B) x2, Praying Stone (B), Meteor x5, 100 Chi Points, Cordiality Book(B), +2 Stone, 7-day Garment(-1%)(B), Triple Exp Potion(B) x2, Super Equipment Bag, Refined Gem, and Small Lottery Ticket x3.


1. Officer Liu is calling for heroes to swipe the Fury Serpent that invaded the South Marsh. If you are brave enough, visit the officer who will send parties off towards the South Marsh at the top of each hour.

2. The Fury Serpent split its soul into 9 incarnations and each has the ability to revive as long as there are other incarnations alive. To completely destroy the Fury Serpent, you need to work together with others to kill all the incarnations within 2 minutes.

3. After the Fury Serpent is completely destroyed, every player in the South Marsh will receive 5 minutes of Exp. Those heroes who had slain any Fury Serpent incarnations will be rewarded with a gift pack from Officer Liu.

Note: There will be noxious miasma released in the South Marsh during the last 15 minutes of every hour. For your safety, Officer Liu will teleport you back to Twin City after 45 minutes, no matter if you succeed or fail.

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