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Guide - Hairdressing

1. How to change head portrait?

NPC: Beautician, Twin City (457,332)
Click on Beautician and view more head portraits. Select the desired appearance, then click on OK button. 500 silver will be charged.

2. How to change hairstyle?

NPC: Barber, Twin City (412,376)
Click on Barber and talk with her. Select the desired style from seven choices that she gives.

3. How to make hair dyed?

NPC: Storekeeper, Twin City (415,351)
Click on Storekeeper, her inventory will appear on the left, yours on the right. Click on the down arrow on the rigshtmlost corner of her inventory, you will have a wide selection of colors, right-click on the color you like best, it will be in your inventory, then right-click on it to use, you will find your hair has been dyed as you like.

4. How to make armor dyed?

If you have a meteor and want to change the color of your armors, you may go to Twin City and click on the NPC named Shopboy, he will tell you that you can have your armed armors dyed. If you are interested, he will take away your meteor and teleport you to a shop. Click on the NPC named Tinter, he`ll have your armed armors dyed. If you are not satisfied with one color, you can try another for free.