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New Expansion Update! Lightning - Eternity Poker, Arena Upgrade, Anima Quest

Dear heroes:

There will be a new expansion on Dec.14! Important upgrade for Poker and PK! Let's take a look at the details. heart


· Cross Server Poker of Lightning and Eternity/Uranus now available!

(1) Players on Lightning and Eternity/Uranus can play Cross Server poker together. You can talk to NPC [LightningEternity] GameManager in Poker Room to enter the Cross Server Poker Room. This function only available for Lightning server and Eternity/Uranus server. Sit and Go is not available in this Cross Server map.

(2) Showhand table on server Lightning and Eternity/Uranus will be temporary removed. Players on other server can still play on Showhand table.

(3) In Poker room, Warehouseman will move to Twin City (347,448), and ShopBoy will move to Twin City (352,448).

(4) In the Lightning and Eternity/Uranus Cross Server Room map, you will be able to trade Silvers and CPs! For more details, please cilck here

(5) Packing, trading and using items only available in your original server.

(6) Whisper function is not available in Cross Server Poker Room of Lightning and Eternity/Uranus

(7) Anima exchange CPs function is temporary closed on server Lightning and Eternity/Uranus.

(8) Slot Machine and One-Armed Bandit are temporary closed on server Lightning and Eternity/Uranus.



· Omaha hold'em is coming!

Omaha hold'em poker will open in all servers. But only players on server Lightning and Eternity/Uranus can play Cross Server Omaha hold'em.

The Omaha hold'em table just in the upper left corner in Poker Room, similar to Texas hold 'em, each player in Omaha hold'em is dealt four cards and must make his or her best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards!

Try your luck at Poker Room now!


· System Skin Upgrade

New Icon and skill bar will replace the current style. You can change this setting in Setting - Skin - Shining Fashion.



· Arena Upgrade

In this upgrade, we design the new interface for Arena System ↓ Click Arena button in the bottom right corner in game to know more.

Eliet PK and Cross Server Elite Pk group will not be depended on Character's Level anymore. By your Character's Battle Power, you will join different BP groups such as: 300-BP, 301-375 BP, 376-450 BP, 451+ BP. surpriseWow, this is incredible!


·Anima Quest and Cross Server Anima Smelting

(1) New Anima Quests now update! The quests will restart every 7 days. Forge, Smelt, Fuse and Upgrade Anima to complete the quest, you will be gifted Chi Points, StarStones and other rewards! Click the Animia Quest icon in upper right corner in game to find more details.


· Silver price of selling equipment to NPC Optimization and NightHall event.

For equipment's current duration is less than its 5% maximum duration, you will only get 1 silver if you sell it to NPC. There's nothing changed for equipment's current duration is more than its 5% maximum duration.

All servers players can enter Night Mall by talking to NPC AgentCloud in Twin City(363,491).  If you kill the monster and boss, you willl get rewards like silvers, DragonBall, BrightStarStone, and so on! This event will be held from Dec. 14 ~ Dec.29.

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