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March Monthly Gift Card

Note: You need to credit 1000 CPs to claim the Gift Card, and you need to pay 1000 CPs to activate the Gift Card because the items in it are precious. And the card will expire on April 15th. 
Duration: March 1st to March 15th

Claim March Monthly Gift Card
Once you credit 1000CPs between March 1st and March 15th, you can claim a Spring Privilege Card in Events section, you can find it in Reward - Events. Each hero can claim it once only.
Content of the Gift Card
You can pay 1000 CPs to activate the Spring Privilege Card, the Card can be used once a day and up to 30 times before April 15th.
Time of Using
15-Day Siren Song Wing * 1, +6 Stone (B) * 1 and Flood Demon Box * 1
2nd to 30th
Randomly receive one from Small Lottery Ticket (B) * 1, +3 stone (B) * 1, Dragon Ball (B) * 1, +3 Steed (B) * 1, 300 CPs (B), 1500 Chi Points and Tough Drill (B) *1

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