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Classes - Windwalker


Windwalker is a new class come to CO world in Might of Shadow Fan version. As an innovation version , CO team has provided unprecedented gameplay in it. When equipped with the fan, Windwalker can switch his roles between two branches, Stomper (melee) and Chaser (ranged). Stomper, focusing on melee combat, has excellent attack and channeling-based AOE skill, as well as remarkable buff skill to increase attack speed and enhance damage. Chaser, excelling in ranged combat, has powerful AOE skill to deal damage over a larger range without a miss and brilliant counterattack skill, as well as unique passive recovery skill. The significant recovery of HP and Stamina allows Windwalker to fight much longer in combat.

The switch between Stomper and Chaser offers Windwalker different style of combat, and allows Windwalker to make wiser decision at critical moments. Undoubtedly, Windwalker will become the most ruthless reaper in battle.

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