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Pirate Shopping Rush Coming Your Way!

Date: Jan 11 2012 01:03:23 Source: Official Views:

Now the Pirates are anxiously waiting for their turn to make some noise in the world of Conquer. With their arrival so close at hand, the buried treasures are turning up left and right! And this time, we’re turning out a series of items in the Shopping Rush for all players to prepare themselves for the upcoming Invasion of Pirates!

In addition, there are some changes for this Shopping Rush. For 2.0 servers, there is no longer a need to talk to anyone, since all of these great deals can be found in the “Promotion” section of the Shopping Mall. You can even find garments there, as well!

For 2.0 servers

For 1.0 servers, Merchant Tino will arrive in Market (212,208) and you can speak with him to purchase these fabulous items!

With all that being said, you can see all of the items that are being offered on the Pirate Shopping Rush event page!