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Patch 5566 - 5568: New Servers, Pirates Events & Shopping Rush

Date: Jan 11 2012 18:55:26 Source: Official Views:

We are glad to announce that Patch 5566 & Patch 5567 has already been released, and Patch 5568 will be released, following the routine server maintenance at 18:00 PST on Jan. 11th, 2012.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won't be able to login the game

Highlights of Patch 5566 - 5568

New Maps – Gale Shallow & Sea of Death
Ahoy! Two new areas are waiting for you to explore on the far side of the world! They are open and waiting, with hidden treasure and demons that are itching to test your skills! In this chaotic place, no PK points will be counted when you battle others, which means this will be the most dangerous land in CO! Keep watching for the next big updates that are still to come!

Celebration Event - New Server, Character Name Event!
The two new servers, JollyRoger and Tortuga_EU, will be open for adventurers to set their feet down and explore! In the meantime, we'll hand out 10 character names for players to name their own new Pirates. The players who name their characters with the names provided will earn themselves a Dragonball!


Here are 10 names that can win the Dragon Balls!
JackSparrow, Barbosa, BlackBeard, Redbeard, Diabolitio, AnneBonney, RachelWall, Mr.Luo

There will also be three packs available for all CO fans! The Nurture Pack has been upgraded and can be opened through Level 120, and the Pirate Greeting Pack will be handed out to players above Level 70. Once opened, it will expire in one month. You can open the pack once per day, for up to 5 days. And not only that, but new Pirates will be able to claim different packs as they level up!

Pirates Event – Heart in the Chest
From Jan. 12th 00:00 to Jan. 26th 23:59 PST, Dead Man's Chests and Ocean Packs will be up for grabs, just by taking part in the Davy's Heart quest. All players above Level 40 can learn more details about the quest from Rory, in Twin City (433,361)!

Pirates Event – The Longevity Spring
From Jan. 12th 00:00 to Jan. 26th 23:59 PST, all players above Level 40 can start the journey in search of the Fountain of Spring. Want to find out the whereabouts of the Fountain of Youth? You can learn more about the fountain by simply speaking with Mulally, in Twin City (449,389)!

Pirates Event – Pirates Shopping Rush
With the arrival of the new "Invasion of Pirates" expansion, plenty of treasure has been rumored to exist all around the land. From Jan. 11th to Jan. 26th, all players can head to the Shopping Mall to view the new Promotion section, where you can find the treasures you're most fond of!

VIP Event - VIP Gifts
To express the Emperor's sincere appreciation for all you've done, he has decreed all VIPs shall receive a special gift! Between 0:00-23:59 on Jan. 15th (server time), Level 70+ and reborn VIP players can claim a free Weapon Accessory from the Tailor, in Twin City (441,368)!


  1. Some quest items for the second Rebirth will be made stackable.
  2. Players will jump instead of running while Pathfinding.
  3. Writing in the chat box will not be disrupted by any other messages.
  4. Blue Mouse quest will be removed from the game.
  5. Monsters in the additions to the main maps have been expunged.

Bug Fixes

  1. Players unable to claim a Refinery Pack in the Team PK Tournament has been fixed.
  2. Removed some outdated achievements from the Achievement System.
  3. Players unable to receive the Reborn achievement has been fixed.
  4. Players unable to dispel Soul Shackle at times as a Monk has been fixed.