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CO Town Hall III: Voice Your Opinion!

Date: Jan 05 2012 00:07:19 Source: Official Views:

Happy New Year, players!

2012 has finally arrived, and the pirates are waiting for their chance to come ashore and bring the fight to our very doorstep! With only 6 days remaining until their arrival, the discussion can't get any hotter in our CO Town Hall, right now! This time, we will put forth another topic for all players to weigh in on. And for those that come by and share their thoughts and ideas, they’ll have the chance to earn some free CPs! How great of a deal is that!

Duration: Jan. 5th – Jan. 12th

The winners for the last session of the CO Town Hall debate has been released, and you can see them on the Winners List. Those who have won CPs, be sure you hurry and claim your prizes as soon as possible!

Want everyone to know what you think about the approaching Pirates? Come out and voice your opinion, now!