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New Pirate Video Released: Gunfires & Explosive Combo Skills

Date: Jan 04 2012 01:21:01 Source: Official Views:

The people within the world of Conquer Online are standing on the edge of their destiny, as invaders are coming with powerful weapons and skills never before seen! While the continent is torn apart by the fires of war, heroic individuals will come together to fight for their people. They will reunite the divided factions, but do they know enough about their new opponent?

NetDragon's fast-approaching new expansion for Conquer Online, Invasion of Pirates, is set to be launched on Jan 11th, 2012, Players will have access to some cool, new abilities. While all of them are still being looked over, retuned, and then implemented, they are shaping up nicely. Take a few minutes to have a look at the latest skill videos! For the very first time, the western sea bandits are confronting the warriors from the east in the gaming world!

Today, we'll cast the spotlight on each of the new abilities, and then briefly review their possible uses.

The new Pirate class is equipped with rapiers and pistols, and there are 10 skills available: 5 Pistol, 2 Rapier, and 3 Bomb skills. Players will be rejoicing as these vicious skills will bring new styles into play when they are experiencing the combination of gun and blade in the most straightforward and explosive combat, so far. The Pirate might not be the best PVE class, nor the most powerful ranged or melee damage dealer, but they are definitely capable of taking any enemy down. It could be the best PvP class – you just need to know the little tricks!

Pirate's skills are based on Stamina, and most of the skills have a cooldown requirement. So the key to winning a battle is how well you can chain and use the combo skills, how fast you can switch among various spell and buff shortcuts, and how accurate you can aim at moving targets! PvP is not just about simple mouse clicking, now. More advanced techniques will be developed and new gaming mechanics will be applied, to bring the competition in game to a higher level.

Take a look at the new skills and abilities!

Pistol Skills Kraken's Revenge & Black Spot Kraken's Revenge is a precision skill that will cause damage to all the enemies in a designated area and mark them with Black Spots (death mark). In tandem with Eagle Eye, the Adrenaline Rush will be triggered, so that the character will be able to fire successive shots at the targets.

Eagle Eye

A powerful pistol skill that allows pirates to fire a precise shot on a single target.

Adrenaline Rush

A passive skill. When triggered, the character will be able to fire successive shots at the targets.

Blackbeard's Rage A powerful ranged shooting skills.

Rapier Skills Blade Tempest

A swift and fierce rapier skill. The pirate will sprint forward and the targets in that line will receive massive damage and be marked by the Black Spot.

Windstorm Enables a triple attack with the Rapier. Passive skill
Bomb Skills Cannon Barrage

Summons several waves of cannonballs from the air, and uses their power to cause damage to all targets in the area. 

Scurvy Bomb

A bomb will be thrown to a designated area. All targets within range of the blast will be cursed.

Gale Bomb A bomb will be thrown to a designated area and all targets within range of the blast will be blown back.

There will be more coming up soon! Stay tuned!