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Test Moborobo, Win CPs!

Date: Dec 12 2011 00:37:44 Source: Official Views:

Moborobo Inc., and NetDragon Websoft Inc., are pleased to announce a partnership to hold an event to recruit 500 people to test a newly released software: Moborobo, the one-stop management software for all your Android Smartphone needs.

Moborobo is the leading Android Smartphone Management Software that can be installed on your Windows PC. With Moborobo, the management of your Android Smartphone becomes fun and easy. You can:

- Backup/restore contacts, call logs, messages;
- Send/receive SMS from your PC;
- Customize the background of your phone with your favorite image;
- Set/Edit your favorite songs as your ringtones;
- Download cool games & apps to your phone;
- Manage files (music, video, image, documents) on your android phone with complete transparency;

There are also many new features currently being developed and will be released in the upcoming versions.

The testing event will start now and last for one month, ending January 12th, 2012 at midnight. To be eligible for receiving rewards for this event, you must meet the requirements and follow the procedures described below:

  1. You are a current Conquer Online, Eudemon Online, Zero Online (or another online game offered by NetDragon Websoft Inc.) player;
  2. You must be at least 18 years old;
  3. You currently use an Android Smartphone or an Android Tablet; you also uses a PC running Microsoft Windows operation system;
  4. You must submit by email, your application for this event, to, with the following information: your full name, your location (city and country only), your phone make/model, your phone number, the game you play, your in-game character name and server name. Please put “Moborobo Beta Testing Applicationon the subject line of your email. Please note that all information submitted will be treated with strict confidentiality.  Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and a confirmation email will be sent to you once your eligibility has been verified.
  5. Once you received the confirmation email described in 4, you can now visit and download the test software and start your test.
  6. To complete your test and receive your rewards, you must submit a written test report to before the deadline of this event. Your report will be carefully reviewed. Your review must be written in a fair, objective, and serious way. For example, a one-liner such as “this software is great!” would not be considered as a serious review and thus will be considered as “not eligible” for rewards. We welcome your fair criticism and any identification of bugs. 
  7. We may ask you to post your reviews on Facebook or If we do so, you must comply in order to be eligible for the reward.

Moborobo Inc. has purchased from NetDragon Websoft Inc., 500 $7.99 CO Point Card A as the reward for this event. Each eligible participant will receive one virtual code once he/she completes the above testing procedure and meets all the requirements. If you do not wish to be bound by the above requirements, you are still always welcome to test the software and let us know your feedbacks. Just go to to download the software and begin your testing.

>>>>>>>>>>Click here to download Moborobo client<<<<<<<<<<<

If you have any question on this event, please contact Moborobo team by emailing

All final explanation rights to rules, items, and other contents of the event showed here belong to Moborobo Team and NetDragon Websoft Inc.