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Patch 5556 & 5557: New Quest - Demon Sealer

Date: Dec 07 2011 23:29:29 Source: Official Views:

With Patch 5556 already released, we're glad to announce that Patch 5557 (Mac – 1066) will be released, following the routine server maintenance on Dec. 8th, 2011.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won't be able to login the game

Highlight of Patch 5556 & 5557

Bug Fixes

  1. Being unable to use Guild Conductor has been fixed
  2. Being unable to claim ArenaEXPPack while inventory is full has been fixed.
  3. Empty name error has been fixed.

New Features

  1. Secondary Password Function: Once the pass code gets set, every time the actions involving CPs take place, the verification process will be initialized. The warehouse password will automatically be set as secondary password, the pass code can be reset in Option -> Secondary.
    NOTE: If your warehouse password starts with number "0", you don't need to enter "0" when inputting the secondary password.

  2. New Quest – Demon Sealer
    You can carry Health Wine to enter the Demon Cave and challenge the Snow Banshee! For more details about the quest, please visit here!


  1. A brand new interface for Shopping Mall will be implemented.

  2. Stackable items not dropping as one item when players get PK'ed will take effect.
  3. Once Guilds get upgraded, numbers for Allies & Enemies will increase correspondingly.
  4. Durability of equipment on Red/Black names will be deducted when they get killed.
  5. Scrolls for 5 main cities will be sold in every main city.
  6. In all waiting maps, no skills can be performed in order to ensure the fairness in all Tournaments.