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Tips for Hero Recruiting System

Date: Dec 05 2011 21:22:34 Source: Official Views:

We're glad that many active players have participated and embarked on the journey to recruit heroes, but then the problem came. It's reported that many players don't know whether or not they have successfully promoted, and the CO team decided to clear up the air and make sure everyone can get what they deserve after what they've achieved in the system.

How can you successfully promote in the system?

When the criteria below have been met, the promotion will be deemed successful.

1. Invite new players to sign up for Conquer via your promotion link(s), and new players MUST register the accounts via the promotion link(s).
2. The new players MUST download the client and patches of the game.
3. New players MUST create characters on servers in Conquer Online.
4. New players MUST claim Newbie Packs via your promotion link(s) and log in to the game and get the pack from Prize Officer in Market (185,170). If new players don't claim the Newbie Packs, there'll be no record on data for the accounts.

Each account can only be promoted once. If you and the player invited by you are under the same IP address, the promotion will fail. And the players invited under the same IP address will not be counted in as well. What's more, botting will not be tolerated, and the credits of the promoters will be reset to zero if the invited players use bot programs to cheat in game.

So far, we've found several newly invited players cheating in game, and we hereby announce the names promoting them and it serves as a warning to the cheaters/promoters.

Promoter Name
Wild Kingdom-Phoenix
Wild Kingdom-Lion

In the meantime, the credits for the related promoters will been cleared. If found cheating, the promoters would be disqualified and credits or prizes claimed will be returned.

*NOTE: all details of the newly invited players, including level, rebirth time, amount of cards credited, will be updated on a daily basis. (0:30 PST every day)

After new players achieved all listed above, your promotion is then successful. And you can go to "Credit Details" to check the names of the players invited. You can also check out more here!