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Fallas Festival: Join in the Fire Carnival

Date: Mar 02 2010 02:33:41 Source: Official Views:

Conquer Online is happy to inform our players that the 2010 Fallas Festival event is arriving in Twin City on March 6th! During this Spanish festival, you can craft various types of magical wood carvings, then exchange these carvings for the various Blazing Packs as your reward!

Fallas, the festival of fire, is a traditional celebration in Valencia, Spain, that was began back in the Middle Ages. Between the 15th and 19th of March, local folks have a custom to burn up elaborated ninots, puppets or dolls with a well-known local personality, to celebrate the onset of spring. With time, people of the neighborhood started organizing the process of the creation of the Fallas and monuments of various figures were created as part of the celebration.

Several years back, a group of foreign merchants arrived in the middle kingdom from across the sea, and brought this grand festival to the residents of Twin City. This March, the bright blaze of this celebration will light up the universe of Conquer Online!

Fallas Festival

Time: 0:00, Mar 6th - 7:00, Mar 19th
Requirement: Level 20 or above

The event is divided into 2 steps. First, to participate in the carnival, players are required to prepare some special wood carvings. You can obtain the material from the carpenters and monsters scattered around the world of CO. Second, hand in the elaborate wood carvings to Fallas Mercury, and you can obtain one of four types of Blaze Packs. With the Transformation Brands inside the packs, players can join the Fallas parade and receive some special gifts!

For the detailed quest guide, please click here.

Note: The event applies to both CO 2.0 and Classic servers.

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  • VassalsRise Prestige Rank
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  • First Credit Reset
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