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Texas Holdem Postponed to Dec 23

Date: Dec 21 2009 01:30:01 Source: Official Views:

The CO team is sorry to inform you that the launch of Texas Hold'em poker & Alternative Equipment is postponed to Dec 23. During the same period, you can join in the fabulous Christmas Quests to win those terrific gifts.

Texas Hold'em
The popular poker game Texas Hold'em will come to the world of Conquer Online! Adventurers will confront more fierce conflicts, not on the battlefield but in the CO Royal Casino! The rules of Texas Hold'em are simple: build your best possible five cards hand out of your two pocket cards and the five community cards and the player who shows the best hand wins! The bet is silver only and you can choose to play in Fixed Limit or No Limit.

Want to dominate the CO Casino? Let's do it in the old-fashioned Texas Hold'em!

Alternative Equipment
Choosing the right equipment is critical when encountering diverse types of enemies. Now the new Alternative Equipment system will provide CO players with a flexible solution for changing gear on the fly. The system enables players to prepare 2 sets of gear at the same time, one for leveling and the other for PKing (for example) and switch between the 2 sets freely.

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