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Clan War Launching on Dec 9

Date: Dec 08 2009 00:25:32 Source: Official Views:

After the update of the Raiding Clans expansion, adventurers are able to set up their exclusive inner circles - the Clans. Now clan members can not only share the privileges of clan membership, such as bonus Battle Power and sharing spouse's damage, but also join in the merciless Clan War set to start on December 9!

Twin City

Wind Plain

Phoenix Castle

Maple Forest

Ape City

Love Canyon

Bird Island

Bird Island

Desert City


The 10 Maps of Clan War

After the update, Clan Wars will wage across the 10 maps in CO everyday. For honor and some daily income, clan leaders have to lead their squads to win the occupation right of those maps. To take part in one day's battle, the leaders must register at the NPC for the corresponding Clan War map before 20:00 on that day. The battle will last from 21:00 (the day of sign up) to 20:30 (the next day), and the last clan left on the map will be deemed the winner. After the victory, the leader can claim the income which is determined by the map and the Clan Level.

Compared to Guild War, the Clan War will provide players with the perfect opportunity for some small but flexible battles. The Clan War will be launched after the server maintenance at 17:00, Dec 9 PST. So fighters, are you ready for a ferocious feud?

Clan War Guide

Note: For all servers

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