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Thanksgiving Shopping Rush Starts on Nov 23

Date: Nov 17 2009 18:45:11 Source: Official Views:

The Thanksgiving Shopping Rush will start again from 17:00, Nov 23rd to 17:00, Dec 2nd PST (GMT-8). This time, you will be able to purchase some essential supplements for your adventures from a large selection of epic items!

A dozen of powerful professional packages will be provided to players, all with spectacular savings! Besides, some rare and unique items will make their debut during this sale. The magic Sash (Bound) will be sold in 3 sizes, and can be used to expand your inventory and prevent items inside from dropping out when you are defeated. 2 kinds of new garments will also be in store, the classic Divine Robe and the exotic Sand Raider.

Duration: 17:00, Nov 23rd - 17:00, Dec 2nd PST
NPC: ThanksgivingSteward (Twin City 421,363)

Note: This shopping rush will only apply to Conquer 2.0 servers.

Below is the sales catalog:

No. Picture Pack Name Descriptions CPS/Pack
1 Sash(S) A Small Sash (3 slots) 290
2 Sash(M) A Medium Sash (6 Slots) 560
3 Sash(L) A Large Sash (12 Slots) 1075
4 Divine Robe A new garment 675

Sand Raider A new garment 675
6 Super Heaven Fan Pack A Super Heaven Fan, Super Bronze Dagger, Stone(+3) and Bound Praying Stone (M) 1290
7 Super Star Tower Pack A Super Star Tower, Super Bronze Dagger, Stone(+3) and Bound Praying Stone (M) 1290

Refined Gem Pack A Refined Thunder Gem and Glory Gem 280
9 Stone(+6) Pack A Stone(+6), Stone(+5) and Bound Praying Stone (M) 2916
10 Tough Drill Pack 7 Tough Drills and a Bound Praying Stone (L) 11900
11 Warrior Super Pack A Super Exorcising Wand, Super Lion Armor, Super Dragon Helmet and 3 Stone(+2) 475
12 Trojan Super Pack A Super Long Sword, Super Sacred Armor, Super Hercules Coronet and 3 Stone(+2) 475
13 Archer Super Pack A Super Star Bow, Super Shark Coat, Super Marten Hat and 3 Stone(+2) 475
14 Ninja Super Pack A Super Ise Katana, Super Bear Vest, Super Stealth Veil and 3 Stone(+2) 475
15 Taoist Super Pack A Super War Backsword, Super Full Frock, Super Dragon Cap and 3 Stone(+2) 475
16 General Super Pack A A Super Crystal Ring, Super Basalt Necklace, Super Leopard Boots and 3 Stone(+2) 600
17 General Super Pack B A Super Jade Bracelet, Super Jade Bag, Super Leopard Boots and 3 Stone(+2) 600
18 Warrior Training Pack An Elite Iron Wand, Elite Light Armor, Elite Heart of Ocean and 3 Stone(+1) 115
19 Trojan Training Pack An Elite Shark Sword, Elite Rage Armor, Elite War Coronet and 3 Stone(+1) 115
20 Archer Training Pack An Elite Goose Bow, Elite Ape Coat, Elite Ape Hat and 3 Stone(+1) 115
21 Ninja Training Pack An Elite Rain Katana, Elite Tiger Vest, Elite Blood Veil and 3 Stone(+1) 115
22 Taoist Training Pack An Elite Great Backsword, Elite Crane Vestment, Elite Shark Cap and 3 Stone(+1) 115
23 General Elite Pack A An Elite Platina Necklace, Elite Pearl Ring, Elite Snakeskin Boots and 3 Stone(+1) 135
24 General Elite Pack B An Elite Bone Bracelet,Elite Ambergris Bag, Elite Snakeskin Boots and 3 Stone(+1) 135
25 Exp Pack An Exp Ball and Exp Potion 40