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Demon Box: Defeat Ancient Evils for Sealed Treasures

Date: Sep 23 2009 03:04:09 Source: Official Views:

In ancient times, vicious demons rampaged on the continents of the Middle Kingdom. Towns and villages were destroyed; innocent people were slaughtered; precious treasures were looted. Until one day, a group of brave heroes drew a line in the sand. They wiped out the demons and sealed them into magic vessels called Demon Boxes...

After a thousand years of slumber, these legendary boxes have been excavated from an ancient cache. As the legend says, these boxes contain ancient demons and their treasures. A Demon Box Dealer will appear in the Market (207,178) to trade these mysterious boxes to adventurers who are eager for the ancient treasures sealed within.

There are 6 ranks of Demon Boxes, each with different prizes. You have to defeat the demons inside by yourself before obtaining the treasures. The treasure in each box varies from Exp rewards to tremendous CPs.

The Demon Box Dealer will start to trade after the maintenance on September 23rd, and the amount of the boxes is limited. Adventurers, this is your chance at riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Detailed Guide for the Demon Box.

Note: Don't open the Demon Box Around Guards or players you don't trust!

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