2008 New Dynasty Expansion Review Trailer

Date: Dec 31 2008 03:14:57 Source: Official Views:

Five years have passed, and the community of Conquer Online is still thriving and vibrant. With the great contribution from our loyal players, Conquer Online is about to enter its 6th anniversary. And it is still growing!

To extend Conquer's epic legend, the TQ team announced the expansion, the New Dynasty in July, 2008. The expansion provides players with some brand-new exciting features, and enhances the gameplay. Now the TQ team is glad to present you Conquer Online 2008 the New Dynasty Review Trailer. In the trailer, you can have a review of the New Dynasty new features, including Ninjas, quests, tweaks and all new items.

This is only a taste of what's to come. In the coming year there will be even more splendor! Thanks again for your long-term support and Happy New Year.


Which new features in the expansion New Dynasty do you like the most?


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