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[News] Update 1: Christmas Gift Giving Event!
  • Source: Official
  • 12-28-2008
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Four days past, 1400 players have joined in Christmas Gift Giving Event. Many of them have sent gifts to their beloved.

Let's see current five senders and whom they sent gift to:

  1. Mystic has sent a gift to Hamtaro
  2. Shadow97 has sent a gift to <>
  3. owns has sent a gift to BlackNinja
  4. Zabimaru has sent a gift to ~*Azumi*~
  5. pawn has sent a gift to sleeping

Most Popular Free gifts:

Do you want to send a free gift too? Purchase at least 2 Cards (A/B) during this event and you will have chance to send the appropriate free gifts to your friend! (Details)

Don't hesitate, join now! The event will end on January 24th, 2009 (00:00 PST), grab your chance!