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[News] New Class Ninja Arrived
  • Source: Official
  • 12-21-2008
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As the most appealing feature of the expansion New Dynasty, the new class, Ninja, has been hooking players' attention for months. Now these shadowy warriors have finally landed on the soil of Conquer Online.

To celebrate the debut of the Ninja, CO team is providing you with:

  1. Free Heaven's Blessing for 30 days after leaving Birth Village.
  2. Beginner Packs for new characters; Bonus Pack for existing characters (You can use it when you reach level 70).
  3. A new server, (Water) under the Elements group!
  4. Elite Level 15 equipment for Ninja in Shopping Mall.
  5. Equipment Bonus Quests for the Ninja.

Indubitably the Ninjas will cause the already chaotic Conquer universe to have even more conflicts, and provide players with an even more immersive gameplay experience. Players, don't hesitate to join in with the new friction, arm legendary katanas and unleash the powerful ninjutsu hidden within, Conquer the New Dynasty!