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The 2nd Super Guild War

Date: Dec 11 2008 17:40:14 Source: Official Views:

Attention players,

The 2nd Super Guild War is coming. In the gallant Super Guild War, you will stand side-by-side with your guild-mates to confront the challenge from other opponent guilds, fighting for glory and the spoils of war!

Duration: Dec. 13th, 2008 - Jan. 11th, 2009 (Guild War Time)

The Super Guild War contest consists of five guild wars, one in each week. Each time the guild win a guild war, the guild leader will gain a Lord Token. The leader will be awarded a variety of special prizes and CPs depending on how many Lord Tokens you receive!

1 Lord Token = A bronze prize and 3000 CPs
2 Lord Tokens = A silver prize and 6000 CPs
3 Lord Tokens = A gold prize and 20000 CPs

The bronze, silver and gold prizes are equippable talismans. (untradable)
A bronze prize: +HP 900, +MP 900
A silver prize: +HP 1200, +MP 1200
A gold prize: +HP 1500, +MP 1500, +Physical Attack 1000, +Magic Attack 1000, +Physical Defense 1000

For details, please visit the Super Guild War event page.