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World PK Tournament (Test) on 24th, Aug

Date: Aug 22 2008 00:43:02 Source: Official Views:

Opponents: Dragon vs. Eagle
Time: 19:30 - 21:00 August 24th PDT

1. We will preserve the data at 18:00 Aug 22nd PDT for WPKT. So, please prepare anything, such as equipment, skills, spells and items, for the WPKT before then. The status, items, skills, spells or any other things you gain or lose after 18:00 Aug 22nd PDT will not be adopted in WPKT.

2. According to the voting result on the forums, leaders and deputy leaders have been appointed in advance:
Dragon Guild Leader: Ascended_Trunks
Dragon Deputy Guild Leader: Warpinator!, eXceLxAndy, Anck-Su-Namun 

Eagle Guild Leader: ~queen~ 
Eagle Deputy Guild Leader: a1Enism, ~ClouD~, kutie-Janet

Note: Guild Leaders have the right to assign deputy guild leaders after login. Each guild can have no more than 5 deputy guild leaders.

3. During WPKT, War Rules is the same as usual.
There are some additional rules here:

  1. The WPKT server will be up at 19:00 August 24th PDT.
    The guild war will start at 19:30. So you have 30 minutes to prepare for the battle.
    The war will end at 21:00 PDT. The guild which owns the guild map will be the winner at last.
    The WPKT server will be closed at 21:30 PDT.
  1. Please log into the WorldPKServer in Wild Kingdom Group to enjoy WPKT.
  2. Only characters at level 90 or above are allowed to log in the server.
  3. The Guide and Village Gateman in the Birth Village, who send you to Twin city, will be temporarily removed.
  4. The Guild Controller, who teleports you to the guild map, will check your character level. You should be level 90 or above.
  5. People who are dead in the war and sent to the jail, can get out every 5 minutes.

4. If you can write articles for Test World PK Tournament, (better with pictures in it), please send it to Excellent articles will be published on the official website! The authors may get rewards for that! We appreciate your support!