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[News] Ninja Skills Naming Poll
  • Source: Official
  • 08-04-2008
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Dear Conquer players,

Last week, we announced 2 XP skills for the new class Ninja and initiated a naming poll for these 2 XP skills among players. During the 5-days of activity, we have received over 10,000 comments, many of which are truly original and terrific. Now the lucky participants list has been published in our official forum. Players can have a check whether you have won the 2 DBs.

After the first round of the naming, 4 candidates for each skill were selected by our designers, which with the 2 preliminary names will enter the second stage recruitment. There will be 2 polls to decide the final names for the 2 XP skills, the first one for Skill A and the second one for Skill B. Each poll will last for 2 days. All the players can join in the votes and 2 winners of the polls will receive our special presents!

Skill A: Preliminary Name: Shuriken Vortex, range attack, rotating while giving the targets around a deadly darts shower.