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Video Submission Requirements for the GW Trailer Contest

Date: Jun 05 2008 00:00:00 Source: Official Views:

We have received many videos from our players since the Guild War Trailer Making Contest started. The videos were great but some of them did not meet all of our outlined requirements and therefore we were unable to approve them or post them on our official website. The requirements are again listed below for your perusal:

1. It must be related to the guild war, your guild or its members

2. It must have a theme song (or multiple songs).

3. It must have your server's name and guild name on the loading page.

4. It must have the following official web address: on the screen.

The official web address: must be shown throughout the entirety of the video.

5. Client file edits are not allowed.

Feel free to discuss the video related topics on the Guild War Trailer Contest Forum.