Recent Scammers/Hackers' Exploits:
Useful Account Security Tips
◇1. Be sure to update your anti-virus software & ensure you are using a firewall.
Viruses and trojan horses are frequently used by hackers to infect unprotected computers to steal personal information and accounts. Keeping your computer free of harmful programs and blocking unwanted connections are of vital importance to the security conscious PC user.
◇2. Never use unauthorized 3rd-party programs.
It’s very important not to use illegal programs or unauthorized tools, since they often contain malware and viruses and can record your PC activity as well as your game account and other personal information.
◇3. Avoid unlicensed internet cafés and using unknown computers to play.
Most unlicensed internet cafés have poor management and security, and may have already been infected by a virus or a trojan horse. Using these unsafe connections can put your account information and computer activity at risk. If you’re not sure the computer is safe, you could find unexpected issues can occur.
◇4. Never share your game account or items with others.
Account sharing is not acceptable in CO, and any loss caused by the sharing of your in-game account or items with others will not be TQ’s responsibility, and no assistance would be given in such cases. Some scammers pretend to be friendly, so they can gain access to your account or items, and you should never loan anything you are not prepared to lose.
◇5. Never purchase/sell in-game items or accounts using real cash.
Trading in-game items or accounts with real money is strictly prohibited, and may result in an immediate ban of the accounts involved. Not only that, such trades are frequently used by scammers to receive money or items, without providing the item purchased. Cases of this nature are not the responsibility of TQ, and no assistance would be given should you incur a loss as a result of illegal trades.
◇6. Beware of fake websites, messages, GMs, players, etc.
Official GMs will always have [GM] at the end of their character name in-game, and will never ask for your account information outside of official channels. Never trust any website or person claiming to offer free accounts or items, as they often require you to provide your account information, which they then use to steal accounts and items. Always be sure to verify any website BEFORE providing any information. Games official site domains will always have the suffix.
◇7. Official CO emails will ONLY carry these official email addresses:
◇8.Please be sure to keep your personal information private and safe.
Scammers may attempt to gather your email and other personal information from Facebook groups, through chat programs and websites, as well as in-game. NEVER share your personal information with others, as it may be used to gain access to your accounts. Phishing is a common way for scammers to pretend to be friends or family, and such mistakes can result in loss to the player.
◇9. ALWAYS double check trades made in-game, before confirming the deal.
Scammers may create game accounts with a very similar name to their victims, and when the victim trades items with their alternate characters, he may carelessly trade them to the fake character. Some players may also attempt to trade other items instead of the item proposed, and verifying the character and item are correct before agreeing will prevent almost all trading scams.