Season II only the pure of heart will emerge victorious!

tips for season II

> Conquer Online Legends Return Season II Preview Trailer
> Reincarnation: After reaching Level 110 in your 2nd Rebirth, you can get Reincarnated at the Reincarnation Seer.
> Pure Skills: Only the pure of heart will emerge victorious! Players who are Reincarnated will be endowed with these special abilities, which can unleash magnificent powers and bring your enemies to their knees!
> Elite PK Tournament: Players will be able to join this exciting tournament, every Friday. Contestants will be divided into 4 groups, according to level.
It's a 1 v.s 1 competition. The winning player will be promoted to the next round, until the final 2 are left to fight to the finish! So, who will be the King of PK? Titles will be awarded to the Elite PK Tournament winners. Players can choose their titles in the title interface.
> Guild PK Tournament: Remember the day when you fought for your glory in the Super Guild War? Well, we've brought it back! This new tournament is divided into 2 stages: the Guild Contest (Elimination Round) and Guild PK Tournament (Final 8). The top 8 guilds left standing from the Guild Contest will gain the right to enter the final competition. The winner will get up to 3000 CPs as a prize!
> Clan Qualifier: Is your in-game family strong? Want to prove it? Here is your chance! Battle it out with the other Clans, and prove your worth!
> Permanent Stone will be available in Shopping Mall! The price of the Permanent Stones has been readjusted.
> The bug causing Silver to be deducted when a Guild fails to be setup has been fixed.
> Guild name symbol tilde (~) display error has been fixed.
> The button hiding function has been improved.
> The Alternative Equipments durability error has been fixed.
> Players who are watching the Qualifier will be only spectators, and invisible in the Arena.
> You may be able to dig up Gems, and even Dragon Balls, by mining in the Mine Caves!
> The bug that causes the client to automatically pop-up will be fixed.