Notice Regarding FIFA World Cup Guessing

Date: 2018-06-07 01:25 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

FIFA World Cup Guessing in-game section has been updated, players can purchase and submit chips in game, the chips you submit will be recorded, and the offline event page will open on June 8th, you can then take part in the guessing, please keep your patience.


You can buy 100 Golden Chips for 100 CPs, 100 Silver Chips for 8,000,000 Silver and 100 Bronze Chips for 100 Bound CPs. And you will also receive Bronze Chip upon login everyday from June 7th to July 11th, 2nd reborn or above players will get 20 Bronze Chips everyday and non-2nd reborn players will get 10 Bronze Chips everyday.

  • Lottery Goal Achieving
  • Lucky Tree
  • New Server LasVegas Opens on 7.12
  • LasVegas CP Market
  • LasVegas New Server Reservation
  • Cross-Server Elite PK Tournaments
  • Great Summer Sales
  • Infinite Conquest
  •   Ultimate Trial
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