The Conquer3.0 New Test Client is coming!

Date: 2017-09-19 02:02 Source: Official Views:
Conquer 3.0 New will be released on Oct 17th with upgrade on graphics, UI and skill effects.
In order to allow players to experience the charm of Conquer 3.0 New better, we have released the test client for interested players to try in advance. You could download the client and log in Server Test with your CO account and password.
The test client does not represent the final formal version, and there are still some certain bugs. It will be highly appreciated if you could report the bugs to our facebook fan page and forum. We will check in time and adjust according to the opinions of the players.
Note:All players can talk to NPC-Barber (Twin City 263,435)  for level up.
Download link of Test Client:
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