Classic CO VS New CO Second Round: 21503 VS 33983

Date: 2017-09-01 01:14 Source: Official Views:
The battle between CO Classic Powers and CO New Powers has begun from July 27th.
In the First Round, CO New Power has a big lead by improving the quantity of graphs. Compared with Classic CO, the graphics of Building, Character, NPC, Monsters have improved significantly.
In the second Round, we were provided more pictures and videos to heroes .
But it is not the end. CO has accompanied with heroes for 14 years. There are so many memories between you and CO. So,the third Round will start from Sept.1.2017;All players will be able to obtain items from the quest in-game that can be submitted to your support power. You will also receive wonderful rewards as return at the same time.
CO Classic Powers and CO New Powers, it is time to get back in and take the final victory.
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