Who will get this 10000 EGP from Co Poker?

Date: 2017-05-27 19:07 Source: Official Views:

A special Poker Tournament—Co Poker Summer Cash Tournament will come to Conquer Online on June 2rd. We sincerely invite you to participate in this event.

Three Points you should know:

Champion:  7000 EGP or 385 USD & Title”Poker King”
Second Place: 2000 EGP or 110 USD & Title”Poker Lord”
Third Place: 1000 EGP or 55 USD & Title “Poker Master”
4th to 30th Place: Title “Poker Star”

Entry Fee:

5KK silver

June 2rd
US Server:  11:00
EU Server:  19:00

Heroes from All servers can join the tournament!

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  • March Joyous Sale
  • Draw and Guess
  • Professional Growth Pack
  • Singles Vs Couples
  • Cats Vs Dogs
  • Cross All Server Elite PK Tournament
  • The Emerging Relic
  • Power of Mystery Runes
  • CO Poker Annual Data Sharing
  • Gold Rush Season Get Wealthy
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
  • CO Fan Art
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