Super Guild Pack Will Come on March 2nd

Date: 2017-02-28 02:34 Source: Official Views:

Greetings, heroes!

There will be many guild related events in March, the first one to come is the Super Guild Pack.


March 2nd – March 15th
During the event, all heroes will get a Gift Pack automatically in inventory when they login to the game.
The pack can be opened once a day, and it can be opened up to 30 times, but only hero who is in a guild can open it, so go join a guild!
Note: The pack will expire and disappear in 30 days.
What’s in the pack?
 1 x Bright Star Stone in the pack every day, it will expire in 2 days.
If you are not in a guild yet, go find one and start fighting together with the brothers and sisters!
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