Some PK Techniques in Playing Windwalker

Date: 2017-02-18 11:15 Source: Official Views:
With the release of Might of Shadow Fan on January 12th, Windwalker came to CO world. They have gained a good reputation with mighty skills and abundant welfare. But we notice that there are still some players who are not so familiar with Windwalker skills, here we list some techniques in playing Windwalker that may be helpful.
  1. PVE

We all know that Assassin is good at wiping out a large amount of monsters, their skill Kinetic Spark help attack multiple targets and Mortal Wound help deal great amount of damage. Actually Windwalker is also excellent in PVE, try use Thunder Cloud and Triple Blasts when hunting monsters, and casting Thunder Bolt after a Thunder Cloud will increase the damage on monsters and increase attack speed, you can deal 8x damage on monsters when Thunder Bolt is fixed!




2. PVP

XP skill not activated:

(1) Melee Stomper should keep a certain distance with the enemy, try use more Burnt Frost together with Rage of War, the enemy would have been defeated before coming near.



(2) When fighting Taoist or Assassin with melee Stomper, Revenge Tail is a very useful skill, fixed Revenge Tail can reflect the damage, if less than 22000 points, that the cast received against the attacker, up to 5 times!


XP skill activated: Windwalk XP skill is so powerful, use it as often as possible!

(1) Windwalker XP skill Omnipotence will recover all Stamia, HP, MP when activated, and make caster immune to Warrior’s Backfire, Ninja’s Counter Kill and Windwalker’s Revenge Tail.



(2) When XP skill is activated, all the stamina consumption for casting skills will be halved.

(3) When XP skill is activated, if Burnt Frost and Rage of War hit the target, the target’s HP will be deducted gradually and it lasts for a certain period of time.


Also, Freezing Pelter skill can increase weapon’s Min-Attack, don’t forget to activate it.

Do you learn something new from this article? We hope that it will help you become a stronger Windwalker. At last, we wish you a happy new year and a good time playing CO!

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