New Windwalker Video ReleasedIII

Date: 2016-12-26 16:56 Source: Official Views:
     This week, we are going to introduce you some passive skills and ultimate skills of Windwalker. Let’s take a look!
Melee Passive Skills
     There are 3 passive skills shown in the video, that has different effects. The effect of first skill is to increase the lower damage and attack speed, the second is to extend the skills’ cooldown time of the enemy, and the last one is a healing skill which will recover HP and stamina of certain percentage once triggered.
Ranged Active Skills
     The first skill, the Eye of the Wind, if set in target position, all players who has been attacked by the owners will be automatically attacked by the Eye. The second skill Convergence will increase the damage and attack speed of the Eye.
     Indubitably the Windwalker will cause the already chaotic Conquer universe to have even more conflicts, and provide players with an even more immersive gameplay experience. Players, don't hesitate to join in with the new friction!
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