Battle of the Divine: New Server "Breath Focus" Opens, July 17

Date: Jul 10 2014 00:41:57 Source: Official Views:

As the hot events near all of us, the new server "Breath Focus" will arrive at our doorsteps, sending all heroes in the CO world right into the Battle of the Divine, once again!

On July 17th, the new server "Breath Focus" will open service to house the newcomers and heroes who want to start over in a brand-new world, climbing up the ladder to become the minority that rules the world!

What benefits will you get in the Battle of the Divine for the new server "Breath Focus"?

From July 17th - August 17th, players who reach Level 80, Level 100, Level 120, Level 120 of 1st Rebirth and 2nd Rebirth will be rewarded with gift packs, which give away EXP Balls, + Stones, Meteor Scrolls, Talismans, and even Study Points.

Not just that, players who credit TQ Point Cards to their accounts will receive the equivalent amount of Credit Points in return. The more Credit Points you earn, the better reward you'll be able to exchange for.

Besides, once you reach 2nd-Rebirth before the Divine status expires, you'll have a chance to obtain CP Pack Scraps from killing mobs in the wild. Also, all players can have themselves absorbed in the Divine status on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from July 17th – August 17th, and claim respective EXP Ball(B) as the reward.

Last, but not least, the majority of PK events will see tons of CPs poured in as the reward for the winners. There are as many as 60,000 CPs available in a single tournament, and it's time for you to shine through the CO world, and take home those most coveted CPs!

More details will be posted on the official website at a later time, stay tuned!

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