Patch 5918 & 5919: Bug Fixes & Improvement

Date: Jul 02 2014 21:25:14 Source: Official Views:

We are glad to announce that Patch 5918 has been released, and Patch 5919 (Mac - 1365) will be released, following the routine maintenance on July 3rd, 2014.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won't be able to login the game.

Highlights of Patch 5918 & 5919 (Mac - 1363)

Bug Fixes

• The bug that players cannot enchant magic in the Evil Array for 10 times with 1,600 CPs will be fixed.
• The bugged item "Arcane Shield" in the Shopping Rush will be removed.
• The bug that School Uniform in the Shopping Mall(B) cannot be purchased at the price of 599 CPs will be fixed.
• The erroneous word "Master" in the message for Water Taoist Lv110 Promotion will be corrected.
• The misguided description for the skills "Fast Blade" and "Scent Sword" will be corrected.
• The misleading information for the Epic Quest item "EXP Ball Gift Box" will be rectified.


• You can turn off the notifications for Epic Quests, now.

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