July Preview: New Server, AFC & Ninja's War II Expansion

Date: Jun 30 2014 02:55:14 Source: Official Views:

With the FIFA 2014 World Cup entering the Knockout stage on June 28th, the tone has been set for the part of July, at least. However, as the World Cup will end on July 14th with only one true champion, the CO team has prepared something extraordinary for all CO fans to be excited about!

Now, let's check out what July has in stock for all of you!

Online Events

Ninja's War II
This July, an epic battle between two Ninja clans will unfold, and Shadow Ninjas, who lost positions in defeat to the current Ninja clan, will resurge to take back what they deserve! New weapons, skills, and outfit for the Ninjas, it's time for you to choose which side you're on! More details will follow, stay tuned!

CO's World Cup Fever
From June 12th - July 14th, the World Cup Mascot has been deployed in Wind Plain (294,360), to give every sports fan in the CO world a taste of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with two incredible events, Football Girl and Match Gift. Each Level 80+ player will be able to partake and win spectacular prize!

World Cup Special Sale
From June 23rd - July 13th, Merchant Pakku has showed himself in Twin City (311,288), to offer a series of rare-to-come-by items, including Demon Boxes, Garments, Weapon Accessories, Mount Armors, +Stones, or even Dragon Balls! Grab the deal while it's available!

Summer VIP Events
Starting July 15th until July 22nd, the VIP Tour Guide will show up in Win Plain (300,366), to present every VIP player unique events, such as Water World, Flying Dart, Freezing Day, and Grand Reward Giveaway! Enjoy the summer with friends from the CO world!

Battle of the Divine - New Server "Breath Focus"
On July 17th, a brand-new world will unfold itself to the CO community, and house the players who want to start fresh with new challenges ahead. The new server, Breath Focus, will open to the CO community on July 17th, right after the maintenance.

Offline Events

Apex of the Forbidden City
From July 17th - August 17th, a brand-new card game will be introduced to the CO world. Skillfully fun, incredibly simple! More details will be revealed on the official site!

World Cup Betting Pool
With the Knockout stage raging on, the host nation Brazil will take on Columbia in the quarterfinals, and the Netherlands escaped El Tri with late drama and will take on Costa Rica in the quarterfinals. Will they survive the next round? The World Cup Betting Pool event continues to receive bets from all of you! Try your luck, and win big! The event ends on July 31st.

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