WC Betting Pool - Free Gold Chip Giveaway In-game

Date: Jun 27 2014 04:38:59 Source: Official Views:

Since the group stages have rang down the curtain, the CO team decided to give out some benefits to the players. All 2nd Reborn players or higher can log in to the game and check the in-game message, which will give up 3 FREE Gold Chips in an attachment. "PAN~INIT" from the Lucky 7 server has won over 900 Gold Chips from 1. Can you win triple times the Gold Chips or more by starting with just 3 Gold Chips?

Furthermore, World Cup Trophy, the talisman with incomparable attributes, National Team Jerseys, EXP Balls, Meteor Scrolls, Dragons Balls and more are waiting for you to exchange your Gold Chips for! Click here for more details about the prizes.

The knockout stage will begin after a day off on June 27th, and all top 16 teams will give their best to win. Why not go all out to win some Gold Chips back in this event, which is held only every four years. It will be 2018 when the World Cup Betting Pool starts again. A plant may produce new flowers, but this event is only held once in 2014. Seize the chance to be rich, and good luck to all of you!

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