11th Anniversary Special: The "Mashang" Style Mount Armor

Date: Apr 25 2014 06:15:31 Source: Official Views:

2014 is the Year of the Horse in Chinese culture, and the social networks in China have exploded with terms that infer good fortune or wishes for dreams to come true immediately with a word "horse" in Chinese.

In Chinese, something on horseback is called Ma Shang, but it also means to get something immediately. So, when bank notes are attached on the back of the horses, it means "ma shang you qian", which conjures up the image of immediate riches. Some netizens in China also put two elephants on the back of a horse, meaning "mashang you dui xiang", to wish for a girlfriend or boyfriend right now.

That said, the CO team has taken it to another level, and will bring out the "Mashang" style Mount Armors, to wish for everyone's dream to come true in 2014! Let's check out what those new Mount Armors look like!

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