Star~War Reigns As 2nd 1KK CPs Guild War Wrapped Up

Date: Mar 30 2014 21:50:43 Source: Official Views:

With the deployment of the Supreme Guild Summit, unity and dedication must be a dime a dozen in guilds that fight for fame and glory on the server, and there shall be no exception to guilds, which fight for the incredible prizes in the 1KK CPs Guild War. Now, it's time for us to briefly shift our attention to the winner announcement for this event here!

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a guild that can dethrone the "Star~War" guild, which won back-to-back Guild Wars led by its guild leader "aL~3TaR". As promised, they will take home another huge amount of CPs at 100,000!

Now, the first half of the race is in the books, are you ready to take down the reigning champ "Star~War" and snatch the 3rd win for 200,000 CPs? Keep it up!

Check out the full schedule and winning guild for the 1KK CPs Guild War, here.

Guild War Dates

Bonus for Winning Guild

Winning Guild

March 22nd

50,000 CPs


March 29th

100,000 CPs


April 5th

200,000 CPs


April 12th

650,000 CPs


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